About Us

About Us

Katherine N Mendoza

I was born and raised in California and studied massage at the Calistoga Massage Therapy School. I received my certification in 1996. In 1999, after working in the Spas’ in Calistoga, Calif; I moved to the Dominican Republic. There I was able to start my own business, Phoenix Health Spa. I have been able, with my experience; create my own personal techniques of massage and bodywork. During my time in The Dominican Republic I also attended The Neijing Institute where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am graduated in Acupuncture and Energy Massage.

Are your Therapists Licensed?

Yes, all therapists at Mind Your Body are Licensed in the state of New Jersey. It is also our goal for all our therapists to achieve National Board Certification during 2021. This is not a requirement but it is a way we as therapists can excel in our profession with additional qualifications.

What kind of training do your therapists have?

All therapists licensed in the state of New Jersey must graduate from a State Certified school offering 500+ hours of training including the following: anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, ethics and law, theory and practice, electives related to the practice of massage and bodywork therapy, and at least 100 hours of clinical practice under the supervision of a faculty member.

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